a love or knowledge around the celebration of life


In modern popular usage, an epicure is a connoisseur of the arts of life and the refinements of sensual pleasures; epicureanism implies a love or knowledgeable enjoyment.

OK already so the URL is spelled incorrectly but words are about meaning and not about correctness and I aim to take this ideal and apply it to this blog! Live a meaningful Life, do not follow the rules just because someone say you must. Do what you perceive to be correct and never second guess yourself. Above all live a sensorial life. – edit –  actually this is also correct spelling according to Merriam Websters however the core message still stands.
Nik Arnhold – Life Designer

Whom am I?

Director of Digital Services at OMM heading up a talented team of designers and developers dealing with a wide range of new technologies including web, led advertising, multimedia, iphone applications and digital photography.
A highly passionate individual in his field with a love of new technologies and always looking for the next advancement in the area of design and digital marketing. Prior to his current role Nik worked in design for print, branding and event marketing.
Specialties: Usability and the ‘don’t make me think’ common sense approach to web design, Brand led multimedia and digital kiosks, LED perimeter advertising, design and space layout instore, specifically dealing with interactive engagement installations. Project Management and strategy across mixed technology and media.

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  1. I needed to use the word “Epicurial” and I know it is not a word now, but for which tense I wanted it was or would have been, because I was not indicating a person or organisation, but rather a type of Vinegar.
    Any help in putting this forward as a properly used word in a phrase would be appreciated.
    John McOstrich

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