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Chasing Ice


Chasing Ice - James BalogA couple of weeks back I came across an obscure film called Chasing Ice while surfing the web which lead to a clip of an almost incomprehensible natural event. This being the largest Calving event ever caught on film. This immediately piqued my curiosity and I had to know more so yesterday I tripped out to Dalston to one of the only two London showings to see what it was all about. Chasing Ice is a story of a driven man by the name of James Balog and his obsession to record the effects that global warming is having on the Artic Ice caps and the challenges he faces in trying to realise this dream. A mix of epically awesome landscapes, greif, frustration and elation the movie very cleary documents the huge and undeniable effect that global warming is having on this planet and just how close we are of crossing the point of no return!
This story needs to be told and ‘Jim’ does so with passion, relentless vigour leaving the audience with a sense of wonder and certain sadness that most of us are living our lives oblivious to this beauty and also to the fact that it will soon be gone. Alongside this the wider realisation is with the destruction of these immense and beautiful glaciers there is a much more menacing messaging clearly exposing the facts of what this means for out planet and our ecosystem in the years to come.
In his own words “Science is no longer arguing if mankind has created climate change and global warming, they are arguing over just how bad it is going to get and when it is going to be irreversible” – it is such a shame it has not go greater exposure and coverage at the Cinemas but please if you get the chance go and see it your mind will be left profoundly changed.

But be quick before it is gone!
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