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Who is the real enemy


Currently there is a huge uproar in Great Britain due to 2 Muslim extremists for the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolich. It goes without saying that this is a truly appalling act and that any murder is a heinous crime and especially one with this level of violence. But I can’t help but think that the real culprits are the Media who spread this propaganda. These people are in the business of fear mongering for sensational effect and I can’t help but wonder if there are people with their own agenda pulling some of these strings and trying to drive a wedge of fear into people for their own profit. The Telegraph for example yesterday listed the report under a section of the website called “Terrorism in the UK”.  Other reports on the situation are coming in from as far away as Australia where it is all over the news saying there are riots in the streets on London, which is simply not the case.
I just want to break this down in my head and think about the situation rather than just react to what the media is reporting.
2 people violently attacked another man. These two people were then shot by police. These two connected events I am sorry to say are not entirely unusual in todays world I am ashamed to say.
Normally upon people hearing these reports would think. “Oh my God that’s terrible. That man who committed the crime must be sick and deserves to be incarcerated. But soon after the Police shot him well glad he was taken out of society and when he/she gets out of hospital they will go to jail.’
The media however through their propaganda and targeted reporting, have taken this to their very own ‘extremest’ level of hatred with reports of riots and gatherings spreading further fear amongst the general population. Effectively creating a much larger issue and fanning the flames by making this into a racial issue and giving opportunity for other UK extremest groups such as the EDL to spread their own message and incite further violence upon innocent people and groups within the community through association via race and or religion – this is not just what is being reported within the UK only either but on a global level and as far away as Australia.
This morning the BBC reported on another Muslim gathering that will be going on today in London so you may want to steer clear! The report states the following:
‘Meanwhile, thousands of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community are expected to gather in London to offer prayers for the dead soldier and his family and to “express solidarity against extremism”.’

 – think for yourself  do not let the media do it for you –

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