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CBi China Bridge international – field visit


China Bridge

While in China we did a series of field visits. One that stood our for me was China Bridge international. An interesting agency based in Shanghai’s city centre created to bridge the divide between Western and Eastern cultures. Run by expat’s and local’s alike the agency draws from Western Agency influences and methodologies. The agency culture was made up of young enthusiastic staff the were keen to apply themselves to anything creative that came their way. In terms of projects they did take on a varied portfolio and worked a lot in the branding area – however there was that ‘hungry’ feel that indicated they would probably take on any work that come’s their way. This of course is perfect for the Chinese market as many of the brands in China are in need of a huge overhaul or actually implementation of an overarching brand strategy. CBi are perfectly placed to do this as they draw on their Western influence and knowledge.

Positioning themselves also as an innovation specialist was a step too far, however within the field and culture that lives in Shanghai it could easily be perceived as being quite innovative in approach. My point here being that from an agency perspective many of the concepts I came across that are well established in the Western agency world were in their infancy in Shanghai. Shanghai being one of the more Westernised cites of China give’s you some insight into the status Quo in China overall. This is not in any way to demean or say that the Western products and brands are more advanced but more likely that from a consumer’s perspective and sense of who they are as individual brands is much more advanced. It stands to reason from what we know of the Chinese culture and also the fact that communism is drummed in from a very young age.

If I was to move this is the type of agency I would look to get involved in! Nice.

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