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China Close Summary – Asia Module 14


China Module Summary

Marina Guo and David Slocum summing up key take aways.

No Mistakes Mindset
Within small teams in China the FACE Structure system is less of a concern. Its only a concern when dealing with larger organisations and or Govt people. So its ok to be wrong in this instance. (Not hugely different from Western society when dealing with the boss.)

Technology is changing the people and how they do things but it probably does not have the power to change the Govt. China as a country does not have the mindset to challenge the Govt. This could be limiting to industry however it can also be very good for industry as long as the government agrees.

Immediacy and Speed and flexibility
It’s amazing how quickly China can move through and change Infrastructure but also make general change in China. IN UK something that takes 7-10 years can be completed in 3. It’s because there are no labour issues and everything is easy to build because everyone is aligned with the Govt. There is no red tape or planning permission either. They can decide to do it and simply get it done. Numbers are also a big plus!

The profusion of Contexts
Chinese has many contrast and Shanghai while it hero’s this aspect of China is also not a complete impression of the challenges they are facing. To my point there a vast area’s of the country with little industry and extreme poverty as well as a land ownership system that limits the ability of the younger generation to evolve and rise up to create more and be more. China clearly needs work out which mindsets it needs to nurture if they want to empower the people to become more creative and or innovative.

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