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Designer Republic Design Commune (Jing’an)


511 Jiangning Lu, near Kanding Lu  江宁路511号,近康定路

Opening in November last year, their latest project restores a red-brick former police headquarters in Jingan. The Design Republic Commune is part gallery, retail and event space that, among other things, is set to house a one-bedroom hotel and Michelin-starred chef Jason Artherton’s new restaurant ‘Commune Social’* After a rather amusing lunch thanks to Marie our lovely hostess! We visited Designer Republic Lyndon Neri and Rosanna Hu’s Flagship store. Apart form the beautiful Designer furnitutre shipped in form all parts of the world the Architecture itself was amazing. Just one of a number of these types of collective’s popping up all around Shanghai I suspect due to the funding and Tax benefits the government are offering to designer think tanks such as this.

*IN 1998 JASON ATHERTON was the first British Chef to complete a stage at the Famous elBulli.

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