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AKQA | San Francisco – growth driven by client requirements


We met with Neil Robinson – Executive Creative Director  & Adam Creeger – Director of Product Development 

Both Neil and Adam are very down to earth and ex England lads(well one Irish) and approachable and while they show some standard projects they have been doing they are very open and interactive when questions are asked.

AKQA’s growth has always been driven by client requirements. Offices for example just opened in Atlanta servicing Delta (Client). They have offices als in São Paulo and Berlin. Interestingly this appears to be a close mirror to RG/A offices worldwide too.


Their culture is very much about doing the right sort of work for their clients and the services they utilise to do this are not just what they have in house. Having said that they tend to do a lot of work in house….this allows them to maintain quality and control in their creative outcomes.

How do AKQA work together.

Each team starts off more holistically as a unit then based on final ideas and scope teams are created. A product owner then either volunteers or is selected and owns the project vision. Could be tech, design or an account person as long as they are passionate and have a clear driving vision about the project… these Product owners are called ‘The Maestro’ coined by Neil…They do not have to be senior people as long as they care. AKQA is about nuturing the right people..

How do AKQA work with clients

Their core vision guides how they work with their clients. A lot of the job is about managing the level of technology for the clients or creating the right fit. Not simply developing a project for the sake of it.

A sentiment I to aspire to!


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