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Going Agile


Agile TasticAs a part of our week in Berkley Campus we met with David Spann. A very interesting guy with limitless patience for his ‘Dark Art’. We also met with Chip Bowers CMO of the Golden State Warriors who briefed us in our our Group presentation for the week. We were then briefed by Nelson Gayton on what we had on the schedule for the rest of the week and as this information was being divulged you could see peoples excitement from the briefing with Chip turn to horror as it dawned on everyone how little time we actually had to pull this presentation together. How on earth are we supposed to get this thing done in time with such a packed schedule ahead of us!? Why Agile of course.

David Spann - Talking Agile on the steps at Berkley after breaktimeThis is where David came in. He showed how you go about working using Agile. However not only did he do this but there was many things he showed us just by the way he taught us.

He showed us that agile could be done anywhere and at anytime, and that it is up to you to release yourself from confined thinking.Agilating outside at lunchtime

You could choose to take this on board or you could choose to discard it. It was all your choice. And that is what Agile is all about. Things we need to do that day or we are F•••It’s about groups getting together and agreeing in collaboratively quickly and effectively and moving forwards. Selecting and agreeing defined tasks and moving forwards. It’s about deciding what can be done within a time limit and also deciding what can not be done. Again and again and again.

Group Presentation - Reinventing the Golden State Warriors

Did we get there in time for Friday? Yes we did and in a cooperative credible way. Why because we broke down barriers, squeezed in the work where we could and  we chose to get it done. And really that is what agile is all about.

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