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Nike Town NYC – Not as I remember it


When I was in New York around 10 years ago I remember being entranced by the theatre that is Nike town. I remember asking to try on some shoes and upon giving them my size they magically appeared in a shoe elevator. I was so impressed by this process that I told all of my friends how cool Nike town is!

Since that time it appears this theatre and style of customer service has not moved on. If anything it is marked contrast to the experience you get at Nike Town London. To quantify this There were some cool campaign led displays showing the latest gear which looked great but it is more about the way the rest of the store looked behind these impactful setups. It looked tired and old and still like it hadn’t been redone since the 70’s. Also on the day they had an elevator team in there fixing the elevators during business hours which is something we would never see in the UK!?

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